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We believe ordering food should be an enjoyable, hassle-free and affordable experience for busy professionals and businesses.
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Meal Ordering

Providing curated daily menus from top local restaurants. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner or an event, get the convenience of ordering as early as a week in advance or as late as an hour before delivery time.
Orders can be placed in under 30 seconds....and delivery is always free!


Individual Ordering

With ZipLunch at your office, staff can enjoy delicious meals, delivered free, at takeout prices. Ordered individually, delivered together. * Paid by employees.


Employees Paid Meals

Offer your team the perks of paid lunches from top local restaurants. You are in control, set the meal budget, cuisine and weekly delivery days. * Paid by employer


Catered Events

Whether you're throwing an event for your staff, a client meeting or an office party, ZipLunch can curate the best of menus from top local restaurants. * Paid by employer

Free Lunch Builds Loyalty

The simple act of providing a delicious ZipLunch sends the message that you value your employees and the work that they do. It builds morale, forges a deeper sense of community, and enhances office synergy—all significant benefits to you with minimal expense. Ordering is simple, and delivery is free.

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A Delicious Lunch Everyone Can Enjoy :) 

Even if you don’t cover the bill for lunch, your employees can still enjoy a delicious ZipLunch at an affordable price. With so many menu options, including vegan or vegetarian dishes, everyone can get the lunch that they want and enjoy hassle-free ordering and delivery. That leaves more time to truly “break” for lunch with good people and good food.

Over 150 Restaurant Partners including 

Matty's Patty's
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Our Customers Love Us

  • “Planning ahead is easy with ZipLunch. It takes me 10 seconds to decide what I want for lunch. Super easy!”
    Flynn Fishman
  • “I LOVE ZipLunch! They send me delicious vegan options at takeout prices straight to my phone every single morning. Lunch is delivered to my office - with no delivery fee! What's not to love? #obsessed”
    Marissa Bronfman
    Super Food, The Series
  • “ZipLunch has been an excellent option for me and my team – they offer healthy food, right to my office, all at takeout prices. I’m never disappointed!!”
    George Waggott
    George Waggott Law
  • "I hate skipping lunch but it has happened due to my busy schedule. Now I never miss lunch with ZipLunch’s reliable delivery service. Thank you, ZipLunch team!"
    Jonathan Irwin
  • "It takes less than 30 seconds to pick and order something from ZipLunch's hand-selected daily featured items. Whatever I choose, it is always at the take-out price, and it always arrives on time. "
    Russ Patterson


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Employees Pay For Lunches 😎
  1. Daily Menu with 2 lunch options goes live on Saturday
  2. Your team can place their order as early as Saturday or on the day of. 
  3. Food is delivered for the team within the    your office delivery window. 
  4. Your team enjoys delicious lunches without any hassle.
Company Covers Employees Lunches 👥
  1. Request ZipLunch at your office
  2.  Assign an account manager
  3. Account manager sets: 
    1. Budget per meal
    2. Days of week
  4. Add/remove covered employees
  5. Team get to order and enjoy
Catered Events 🎈
  1. Fill out our event order form to let us know the following: 
    1. Number of attendee
    2. type of cuisine 
    3. Individual ordering vs. group platters/buffet
    4.  Any dietary restrictions/preferences
  2. ZipLunch provide you with curated menu options
  3. Place your order and enjoy


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